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Try our revolutionary new way to see the products you select for your design. Create a room with your favorite products and save the image to compare your creative designs. Instructions on how to use this tool are provided below.

Roomvo Phone.png

STEP 1: Select the ROOM VIEWER icon to the bottom right of your screen  

STEP 2: Upload a photo of the room you're selecting products for

STEP 3: Or, you have a second option to try our products in the room you're currently in

STEP 4: Select or de-select the floor and walls you wish to design 

STEP 5: Type in the search field to find the products and style that you want in your space

STEP 6: Use the filters to fine tune your search and find the best possible options for your design

STEP 7: Download, e-mail, save, or share your design on social media for future reference 

Roomvo lady.png
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