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Holiday Art Auction Fundraiser

Welcome to the 2023 Holiday Art Auction Fundraiser presented by Gulf Tile and AIA Tampa Bay. While attendance at the event doesn't require you to create and donate artwork, this page provides guidelines for those eager to contribute their own pieces for the December 13th auction.

Discover below the instructions outlining the criteria for crafting and donating your mixed media artwork!


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All proceeds for the 2023 Holiday Party Art Auction Fundraiser will be awarded to the Center for Architecture & Design Tampa Bay 501(c)(3). Center for Architecture & Design, Tampa Bay (



STEP 1: Canvas: Request a 16"x16" canvas be delivered to you by a Gulf Tile representative or use any base that falls within the dimensions of 16"x16".

STEP 2: Theme: Keep in mind that the theme of your artwork should center around the nonprofit to which the auction proceeds are being donated. Consider the mission, values, or visual elements associated with the nonprofit for inspiration. INSPIRATION: Historic architecture building elements. 

STEP 3: Media and Materials: You have the creative freedom to use any media and materials you prefer. This could include paint, collage materials, fabric, or any other mixed media elements. Feel free to express your creativity using a variety of textures and colors. 

STEP 4: Individual or Team Creation: Decide whether you want to create the art individually or as a team. If working as a team, ensure that each member's contribution aligns with the chosen theme.

STEP 5: Artwork Completion: Complete your mixed media artwork. Make sure it represents the chosen theme clearly and creatively.

STEP 6: Submission: Have your artwork ready for submission by December 6th. You can either drop your piece off at the Morgan Cigar Factory or arrange for pick up. 

STEP 7: Identification: Ensure your artwork is clearly labeled with your name or team name. This will help with proper identification during the auction.

STEP 8: Auction Participation: Attend the art auction event and be ready to see your contribution raise money for a cause!

STEP 9: Enjoy the Event: Participate in the event, celebrate creativity, and enjoy the opportunity to contribute to a charitable cause through your artistic expression. 

By following these steps, you'll create a meaningful and visually engaging piece of mixed media art for the benefit of others. 

Gulf Tile and AIA thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you at the exciting holiday event!


DATE: Wednesday December 13th, 2023

TIME: 4 pm - 7 pm  Silent auction ends at 6 pm

LOCATION: Morgan Cigar Factory  2802 North Howard Ave Tampa, FL 33607


813.254.1072 EXT. 126


Enjoy an evening immersed in the world of mixed media art as we celebrate the holidays by hosting a silent auction to raise money for a local nonprofit. All works of art up for auction are created and donated by local architects, designers, and builders. Food, appetizers, and libations served with holiday cheer!

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